Idaho Building Contractors Association

Maintain the Highest Building Standards

The construction industry is constantly changing. Whether you're a potential home buyer or a contractor, staying on top of these changes or making sure someone is staying on top of them should be your number one priority. That's where The Idaho Building Contractors Association, Inc (IBCA) steps in. We are a statewide association made up of eight local associations that are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of building standards in Idaho and across the country.

Membership Dollars at Work!
The Idaho Building Contractors Association (IBCA) through its services
and advocacy victories reduced the cost to the buyers of new construction roughly $11,160 per house start in 2013 -2014. (Numbers averaged to a 2,200 square foot home on an 8,000 square foot lot.)
• Negotiated keeping fire sprinklers from being mandated in single
family residences and duplexes. Cost reduced on new construction
(single family) an estimated $5,500 at $2.50 per square foot.
• Building Code Changes (Residential, Energy, Electrical and Radon):
Cost reduced on new construction an estimated $4,100 per single
family residence
• Arc Fault: Cost reduced on new construction an estimated $1,560 per
single family residence
**The National Association of Home Builders calculated for every
$1,000 increase in a new home price, 500 homebuyers are priced out
of the market. 8,000 potential buyers remain in the market because of
this savings of twelve thousand dollars.

Winter Board Meeting- Annual Meeting of the Members

Wednesday, January 30th & Thursday, January 31st 2019 in Boise, ID

Click here to view the schedule & the registration form for the meetings.

Spring/Summer Board Meeting- State Convention

June 25th & 26th in Twin Falls ID

Watch for more information in April/May.

Fall Board

October 2019

All Building Contractors Association members are invited and encouraged to attend this Board meeting. You must be a member of a local association.
Contact your local association for more information on how to become a member and how to get involved.

The IBCA is a proactive trade association representing the home building industry - committed to promoting and protecting the American dream of home ownership. As a voice of the industry, we provide education, information and networking opportunities. We are dedicated to professionalism and the highest ethical standards in our industry.

Our Snake River Valley BCA State Board Directors are:

Local President: Buck Jacobs

Bldr. Directors: Kevin Detweiler, Brian Falck, Adam Fuhriman & Brandon Waltman

Assoc. Directors: Cade Coltrin & Tyson Garten

Alternate Assoc. Directors: Cameron Adams & Chase Cavanaugh

Life Directors: John Cotner, Steve Freeman, Rod Hutchinson, Rob Pilote, Kirby Robertson & Lowell Rowley

Sr. Life Directors: Jeff Wade

IBCA Action Update

January 14th 2015 - A hearing in front of the Idaho Supreme Court on a suit we (IBCA/North Idaho BCA) filed against the City of Hayden in North Idaho. The city has been collecting an illegal tax since 2007 to "expand their infrastructure" in the impact area. They have been collecting this from builders/developers under the auspice of a "sewer hook up" fee although the services have not been rendered. Essentially it is an illegally collected tax to the tune of over $10 Million since 2007. It looks very favorable from the Idaho Supreme Court that we will be the prevailing party in this case although we won't know officially for at least a month.

The ramifications are far reaching due to the cities trying everything they can to hide illegally collected taxes to grow their revenue. They know the voters would never approve any ballot measures or bonds and so they go around our backs. The attorneys for the City of Hayden have consulted all across the state with numerous Idaho cities trying to "educate" them on how they can go around the law for these dollars.This ruling would shed light on this practice and put cities on alert that every penny taxed and/or collected will be watched. I am sure there are other cities that have or will be trying this same thing. Our victory should put them on alert and may actually bring action in cities across Idaho.

I am sending this to you because THIS IS WHAT WE ARE ABOUT. This is exactly why we exist and we need to talk about and share these things. I will be providing some more detail on this and some membership training on leveraging these type of actions at our State Board Meeting February 11-13. I want to HIGHLY encourage you each to come be a part of these meetings. WE NEED TO CHANGE THE NARRATIVE of promoting our value to our industry and our communities. Feb 11-13th starts that conversation. We need you to be a part.

John CotnerIncoming 2015 IBCA President